Our  Story

The Moorman Clothiers story begins on April 1st, 1993 when Scott and Susan Moorman opened for business in downtown Mason City.

Following Scott’s dream of owning a clothing store, Moorman Clothiers quickly became a fixture in Mason City’s retail community.

In 2009, the store underwent some major changes and a move across the Mason City Plaza to make way for the Frank Lloyd Wright Hotel.

On September 1st, 2005, the Moorman family opened their second store in downtown Ames at 226 Main Street.

Customer service has always been a driving force behind the Moorman Clothiers experience; the customer’s complete satisfaction is our number one goal.

We are a full service men’s clothing store offering the finest fabrics in made to measure suits and sport coats to casual sportswear from the world’s best designers and manufacturers.

We also provide tuxedos for all of your special occasions, a complete collection of Big and Tall attire, and a full array of women’s apparel and accessories to enhance any wardrobe.

Combining 125 plus years of expertise between the 2 stores promises a proper style and superior product.

Important Information

Moorman Clothiers

Combining 125 plus years of expertise between the 2 stores promises a proper style and superior product.

It is not uncommon for a newcomer to the Moorman Clothiers store to express surprise upon their initial visit. Surprise at not only the wide variety of high quality apparel featured, which is a mainstay for the North Iowa retailer, but also at the “above and beyond” attitude demonstrated in the team’s focus on customer service.

The Moorman Clothiers staff understands that customer service goes far beyond, “Thank you, and have a good day.” We are here with advice as well as solutions.
Need a pair of trousers hemmed to wear tonight? No problem. Forgot to order that tuxedo for the “Black Tie” event this weekend? Again, no problem. Or, the diet has worked and I was wondering if I could have these suits altered? Again, no problem, according to owner Scott Moorman.

“The success of the business is really all about the service and the quality,” Moorman said. We give them what they want, how they want it, and when they want it done. It’s as simple as that.

Tailoring products for the life of the garment at no charge is a prime example of the “above and beyond” services available. “We sell quality clothing, and we understand that our customers may need alterations over the lifetime of the garments. Offering services such as this benefits both the customer as well as the business. We reinforce our core values of service while meeting the specific needs of our customer. And I know because of this service and many others they will remain a loyal customer.”

Our Team

Scott Moorman

I just show up for a great day at Moorman Clothiers everyday! I’m living my dream!

Susan Moorman

What can I say about the sparkle of my eye! Come by our store and look around, that’s Susan’s work! Big city look in small town Iowa. Just AMAZING!

Justin Moorman

The freshest face to Moorman Clothiers, Justin is the oldest of the three Moorman boy’s and is continuing with mine and Susan’s dream! Justin brings remarkable style and flair to Moorman Clothiers.

Cally Peterson

For 12 years, Cally has said she is just one person, but she wears many hats at Moorman Clothiers. Along with sales, she also handles all weddings, payables and office work.

Jeremiah Frein

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Dave Swanson

I have known Dave since we were both 18 from our Gildners days! Dave brings many years of experience and knowledge to Moorman Clothiers.

Isaac Nelson

Isaac joined the Moorman Clothiers staff as a Full Time Salesperson in November of 2019 after graduating from Iowa State with a Fashion Merchandising Degree. Stop in and welcome the newest member to our staff!

Mary Anderson

Mary is our life-long friend and an amazing sales associate. Mary has a knack for fashion and hospitality that you won’t find anywhere else. Moorman Clothiers in Ames wouldn’t be the same without her.

Theresa DeWitt

Theresa keeps us in stitches and her tailoring work is outstanding! Not a project she can’t handle with her “can-do” attitude. Theresa has been tailoring for us for 13 years now!

Mary Jo

The most important part to any men’s store is the tailor and we are very happy to have Mary Jo working for us in Ames.